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I'm the Unrepentant Fatty and I'm here to blog about sex and love and stuff.
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Things have been getting better recently with me and Pet, and I’m finally starting to lose that constant feeling of imminent doom that was hanging on my back for a while.

We finally did all of our taxes for the last few years, and what with that and Pet’s vacation time pay-out that he’ll get at the end of the month, we don’t have to freak out about bills until at least the end of the year, even…

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This is so cute x3c

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Scenes from Fat: the Play, a play some friends and I cowrote and performed about being fat queer femmes. We entered into Frontera Festival, a short play festival, in Austin and performed initially on Friday. We were then chosen for Best of the Week, and after Saturday’s performance have been selected to go on to Best of the Festival. We will perform two more times this week.

This play was written by BunnyDanJulesAltheaNicoleSandy, and myself and directed by Jules.

The director’s note goes as follows:

We are a group of fat femme-identified queers. Most of us are not actors and don’t identify as writers, but we have stories to tell. For two months, we have been meeting to talk and eat and cry and laugh and write about living in fat bodies. How do our different race, gender and class identities affect our experiences as fat people? How do we undo the internalized shame our culture has taught us? For so long this word has been used against us- to dehumanize us and to pathologize us:

Fat adjective: (of a person or animal) having a large amount of excess flesh.

But fat is not lazy. Fat is not ugly. Fat is not stupid. Fat is fun. Fat is beautiful. Fat is smart. Fat is sexy. 

Take a moment to consider how you think about fat people; about the fat people you see on t.v., the fat people you see in the super market, the fat people that you love. 

This is for you. But it is also for us. We ask you to bear witness to our reclamation.”

Photo credit to Beverly Bland Boydston.

this is so powerful and important, the whole world needs to see it.

Fat babes making art about being fat babes is always relevant to everyone’s interests.

😍😵had to reblog because I’m all over this shit

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Obviously, as a woman-shaped, read-as-a-woman person whose relationship to their mental illness, and to some extent, their overall identity, is “lycanthrope”, I have an investment of the idea of the monstrous feminine.

I am deeply devoted to the idea of being our own monsters. I am deeply devoted to the idea that we should be allowed to reclaim those parts of ourselves in all their power and all…

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Here’s the final part of The Agreement, guys. You’ve all been so amazing in liking and reblogging. thank you so much. Frankly, I think this still needs work but I’m going to stick this story in a drawer for a couple of weeks and maybe return to making it stand up and walk properly for NaNoWrimo. I don’t know if that’s cheating. 

I”l be working on nothing but stand alone smutty shorts for the next couple of weeks. 

I wanted to let Mimi fight her demons and maybe, fin a way to believe in herself. In a weird kind of parallel I’ve found that faith in myself too. 

If you want to give feedback, good or bad, or ask questions then you can do here

Otherwise, enjoy.

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six favorite mortem3r outfits

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(x) (x) (x)

Can I have all of these outfits in size fat plz?

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